RIMS Doctor Lists Coronavirus Symptoms As Jharkhand Moves Closer To Possible Community Transmission.

The cases of coronavirus are continuously increasing in Jharkhand. It seems that Jharkhand is moving towards community transmission. As such, people need to be more careful and aware now. Initially, people knew who is infected from corona and they had to be kept a distance from, but now no one has any idea if any person is infected or not.

The only way to be safe is to not get out of houses or get out only when there is an emergency so that contact with people is avoided. People have to keep as much distance as possible and use masks and sanitizer.

This was again reiterated by Dr Devesh Kumar, assistant professor, PSM Department of RIMS. He also briefed about the symptoms and prevention.

The three symptoms of Covid-19 that should not be ignored are:

1. Persistent cough
Covid-19 can cause a persistent cough. If one has a persistent cough for an hour or more and attacks for at least three times within 24 hours, it could be a matter of concern
2. Fever
This virus can cause the body temperature to rise to 37.8 °C, which can cause the person’s body temperature to go up and one might feel cold.
3. Loss of sense of smell and taste
Fever and cough are still potentially important symptoms of the virus that should not be ignored. Patients also tend to lose the sense of smell and taste.

If one has these symptoms, they should self-isolate themselves at home so that the infection does not spread to others.