Corona Could Return In Jharkhand With Temperatures Dropping Rapidly.

Third wave of corona infection has started in Delhi. In Jharkhand too, doctors and experts are speculating return of corona infection. Cold weather is being mentioned as the prime reason for it. Doctors say that the virus gets a favorable environment in cold weather and with pollution levels going high, it would thrive in the environment. There is a possibility of extremely cold weather this year and temperature may fall rapidly in next few days.

People who are suffering from respiratory problems are more at risk if corona infection increases. The air is high in humidity and infection attacks weak bodies. With this also being the festival season with Diwali and Chhath, people go out and meet their loved ones and friends. The infection cam spread rapidly in such a situation.

Doctors say that only social distancing, using masks and sanitizers will save one from corona. One should avoid social interaction in festivals, crowding of Chhath ghats, using crackers in Diwali as it could cause pollution, or going out without a mask. One should drink lukewarm water and consume hot food items, should go for regular walks and indulge in more physical activities.

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