Classes Start In Jharkhand Raksha Shakti University Campus.

Classes started in Jharkhand Raksha Shakti University (JRSU) campus, making it the first educational institute in the state to do so since Covid-19 lockdown began in March. About 40% attendance was recorded since start on Monday this week and enthusiasm seemed to be high in students. With outstation students expected to return soon, attendance percentages are expected to go up – 480 students, including 200 new students are studying in the institute.

The University Grants Commission had given the go ahead to universities across the country to start offline classes from November 2 as per the convenience of teachers and students. JRSU then sent a proposal to the state government informing them that it intended to restart classes on campus. With lower number of students as it is a relatively new University, it was confident of starting classes. The fact that some students had faced issues in offline classes also prompted it to go ahead with classes on campus.

The university has a lot of measures in place with social distancing, wearing of masks, sanitizer use and thermal scanning of students. Spacious laboratories are being used for classes and students have been segregated basis the courses they are studying. A review would be done in some time to decide on whether to continue with classes on campus.

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