Wearing uniforms during online classes is not mandatory.

Ranchi: The state education department has decided to remove the earlier compulsory uniform rules of online classes, for sake of government school students. The students will be allowed to enter the school premises without proper uniforms to collect dry rations or for depositing fees. In view of the Covid-induced lockdown, the decision was taken for the students facing problems due to the closure of garment shops and their parents grappling with financial problems.

“The closure of shops for months due to restrictions would have resulted in students facing problems getting new school uniforms had the mandatory uniform rules not been abolished”, a senior official of the school said.
Meanwhile, the department is conducting online classes for students through various apps. According to the director of Jharkhand Project Education Council, Shailesh Chaurasia, “Though we encourage school dress for students, there is no compulsion. Our basic aim is that a maximum number of students participate in the online classes.”As per the online classroom coordinator Kumari Deepa of Ranchi district school, “The students are asked to join the classrooms with their study material, including books, copy and pens. They are expected to appear tidy but there is no admonishment if they are not in school uniform.”

The attendance of students in these classes is low. Poor attendance is said to be due to various reasons including poor connectivity and lack of gadgets. This led to the participation of students reduce to 10% or 15% in the online classes. The principal of Bariyatu Government Girls’ High School, Rita Kumari added, “Although the dress code is not enforced, students appear for the online classes in tidy clothes. She pointed out that it is difficult to monitor each student as most of them put their devices in mute mode. The students unmute the devices only when they have to ask questions or give answers.”

It is noteworthy that, the state government provides one set of uniforms to all students from class I to VII while girl students are provided the uniforms till Class XII. Many parents stated that their children had outgrown their uniforms after more than a year of lockdown.