The third wave is more likely to affect young and adolescents.

Warning has been issued by the state, that the third wave of corona can hit us by August 2021, in which 60% of the young children can get positive. Preparation has been intensified with the availability of oxygen and beds. The district health department have been alerting by writing letters to Tata Motors Hospital and Tinplate hospital saying, the third phase of covid-19 is more likely to affect the children below 18 years of age, because by the third wave most of the people ageing above 18 years will get vaccinated and some may have antibodies, in such case the virus will affect the children below the age of 18 because they are neither vaccinated, nor have adult like antibodies.

Prevention is better than cure
In order to deal with the situation, necessary preparations are to be done in advance. A meeting will be held very soon to increase the facilities to avoid last minute rush. Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) Medical College Hospital, Mercy Hospital at Baridih has started preparations to save more and more lives of children.
The doctors are more worried because the children will not be able to tell their problem, in this case it will be very difficult to identify covid-19 in children without symptoms. When the situation of the children is serious, they will reach hospital in a panic situation. During this time it would be more difficult to save his life if they do not get proper treatment.

927 children were diagnosed in the second wave of covid-19
The second wave started from March 28 since then till May 16, i.e. 927 children have been infected in just 50 days. At the same time, total 844 children were infected in the first wave of novel corona virus i.e. from May 2020 to April 2021.
According to the experts, 50 to 60 percent of the children will be infected in the third wave, which will be very difficult to deal with. They even say that it is necessary to have 150-200 PICU (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit) for children in Jamshedpur. There are only 20-22 PICUs in the entire city hospitals.