Scientist From Jamshedpur Produces Liquid Which Can Keep Coronavirus Away For 90 Days.

Coronavirus has created havoc all over the world. In Jharkhand, the number of cases is continuously increasing. People have been advised to fight this global epidemic with sanitation until a vaccine comes in the market. People have been asked to use hand sanitizers. During these times, Dr Rajesh Kumar, a scientist from Jamshedpur, has produced ‘Nanova Hygiene +’ liquid, which can keep Corona away from your home for 90 days after one use.

At a time when one is afraid of touching door handles, electric switches, elevator buttons from fear of the virus, Dr Rajesh Kumar, who lives in Baridih area of Jamshedpur, has produced a liquid that can make any surface virus free. This liquid solution, made of advanced anti-microbial nanoparticle technology, make a surface virus-free for 90 days in single-use. Dr Rajesh Kumar informed that his product has passed on all scales in the virus testing in India. Also, the world’s most famous USA-based virus testing Nelson Lab has declared it a 99 per cent virus-free product. An application for a patent for the solution has also been made.

People usually use bleaching powder, sodium hypo chloride or hydrogen peroxide as a safety measure, but this only clears germs at that moment and they have to be used frequently. Dr Rajesh explained that ‘Nanova Hygiene +’ is like water and very easy to use. Using a brush or cloth, one has to coat it on surfaces including floors, sofas, beds, electrical appliances, elevators, cars, walls, taps, and kitchens. For the next 90 days, the human coronavirus (229 E) and RNA virus bacteria or germs will not thrive on those surfaces. The liquid is being used in other hospitals including Apollo in Mumbai. People are also sanitizing other places along with the floor. It has also started to be used in many other major institutions and government offices in Maharashtra.

So far, it has been observed that corona infection is spreading through secondary transmission in addition to travel history. If the corona-positive patient touches something and the same is also touched by a normal person, the virus is being transmitted to the normal person’s body as well. There will be no risk of secondary transmission after the coating of this liquid. According to Dr Rajesh, if a corona-positive patient has touched any surface and then another healthy person touches the same thing, he would not get infected. As soon as the corona infected person touches the liquid coated space, its nano-molecules become active and the coronavirus is neutralized. Therefore, there is no risk of human coronavirus (229E) passing to a healthy person.

Dr Rajesh Kumar, who is originally from a place near Vijaya Garden in Baridih, is currently residing in Mumbai. He studied at RD Tata High School, Jamshedpur. In 1999, he joined Karim City College after passing his matriculation examination. Thereafter, he completed graduation and PG degree from Jamshedpur Co-operative College. After completing his PG studies, Rajesh began doing research on corrosion engineering at NIT Durgapur. After a one-year internship at Tata Steel, he then moved to Mumbai for completing PhD from IIT Bombay. He also received IIT’s Best PhD Award in Corrosion Engineering. Then he went to Germany, where he also conducted research on nanotechnology and molecules. After doing his PhD, he teamed up with two of his friends (Dr Swapna Ghosh and Dr Faisal Ansari) to set up a company. So far, they have patented seven products.

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