Prices Of Food Items Go Up By More Than 30 Per Cent, Households In Jharkhand Bear Brunt.

Inflation has broken the back of all families this year. Prices of all food items, with the exception of rice, have increased by more than 20 to 30% compared to last year. Prices of pulses, edible oils, vegetables, onions and spices have increased significantly. Vegetable prices have increased by more than 100% this year as compared to November last year. Pulses have become dearer by 20 percent – pulses were being sold at Rs 80-85 per kg, but this year the prices have gone up to Rs 120-125 per kg. Price of pulses have also increased due to crop failure. Prices of vegetables, even potato and onion are skyrocketing and people have been forced to buy vegetables in small quantities.

For people who prefer non vegetarian dishes, prices of eggs and chicken have also gone up by more than 20 percent. With the prices of spices also going up, the overall kitchen budget has increased by 20-30 percent due to inflation in prices of food items. The price of a crate of eggs has gone up from Rs 120-130 to Rs 175-180 rupees due to increased consumption of eggs for immunity boost.

With corona pandemic still on, people are consuming ‘kadha’ or decoction. This has led to increase in demand for garlic, cinnamon, cardamom and turmeric and subsequently their prices have increased. Housewives purchasing vegetables said that they are spending close to double of the amount they used to spend last year on vegetables per month. Vegetables purchased in a month would cost around Rs 1000 last year while this year it is costing close to Rs 2000.

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