PM Modi Praises Mobile App By Women Self Help Group From Jharkhand In Mann Ki Baat.

In the 17th episode of the Mann Ki Baat 2.0 program on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned online marketing with technology based Jharkhand’s Aajeevika Farm Fresh Mobile App. The Prime Minister appreciated the work of online marketing of vegetables by making mobile apps and termed this idea of ​​women’s self-help group quite popular.

Prime Minister Modi said that during lockdown use of technology based service delivery has grown in the country and it is no longer large technology logistics companies who can only do it. This work has been done by the Self Help Women Group in Jharkhand. These women took vegetables and fruits from the farmers’ fields and delivered them directly to the homes. They built an app called Aajeevika Farm Fresh, through which people can easily buy vegetables. Through this effort, the farmers received good prices for their vegetables and fruits and people got fresh vegetables delivered to their homes. This idea of ​​Aajeevika Farm Fresh app is becoming very popular. During the lockdown, people have bought fruits and vegetables worth more than 50 lakh rupees.

Aajeevika Farm Fresh mobile app designed in collaboration with Rural Development Development has become very popular in Ranchi and surrounding areas in a just few months within its launch. Members of Aajeevika Farm Fresh say that through this mobile app, they buy fresh vegetables directly from farmers of Ranchi and surrounding areas and after cleaning, it is packed in different packets of one to five kilograms and taken to customers. While customers get fresh vegetables, they also get the benefit of not having to going to the crowded places in the market to get them. Farmers who produce vegetables get the most benefit, getting a fair price without having to go to the market. Farmers say that this has ended the role of middlemen and they are getting the right price for their products.

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