Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Rai Comes Out In Support Of Kangana Ranaut, Asks PM Modi To Impose President’s Rule In Maharashtra.

The ongoing Kangana vs Shiv Sena fight has got everyone’s attention and BMC’s actions have drawn sharp reactions in Jharkhand as well. MLA from Jamshedpur East and a minister in previous Jharkhand government Saryu Rai has come out in support of Kangana Ranaut. He termed the actions of the BMC as ‘Jungle raj’. He also demanded imposition of President’s rule in Maharashtra.

Saryu Rai posted two tweets supporting Kangana. Saryu Rai said that the way Kangana’s house was broken proved that there is Jungle Raj in Mumbai. He added that the Government of Maharashtra is speaking the language of mafias and there were no law and order regulations being followed. There is no protection of life and property of citizens. He demanded Prime Minister Narendra Modi to impose president’s rule in Maharashtra. In his second tweet, he wrote that Bollywood has become a Dubai-controlled centre of drug trade, and dominates the Maharashtra government. He mentioned that the famous stars are actually humiliating the country, society and the art culture and their films should be boycotted the same way as goods made in China.

Rajya Sabha MP and Jharkhand BJP president Deepak Prakash said that the Maharashtra government had scored an own goal by their actions and have brought shame to the Shiv Sena party, which was built by the late Bala Saheb Thackeray. BJP spokesperson Kunal said that at the behest of the Congress, the Uddhav government in Maharashtra is harassing Kangana Ranaut and Shiv Sena has totally forgotten the ideals of Bala Saheb Thackeray. He added that the actions of BMC are unfortunate and barbaric and said that Shiv Sena was working as per instructions from Congress. He said that Kangana has always given a clear opinion on Ayodhya and Kashmiri Pandits, which the congressmen were not able to digest.

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