“Game On: Forty Cameras Set to Capture Every Moment of the Match!”

Ranchi : Preparations for the upcoming fourth Test match between India and England, scheduled to begin on February 23 at Ranchi’s JSCA Stadium, are nearing completion. This match will mark a milestone with the utilization of 35 to 40 cameras for coverage, a first for the venue. Representatives from the broadcasting company announced on Sunday that they have identified 40 specific locations within the stadium for camera installation. Alongside the traditional Spider and Catville cameras, new technology cameras will also be incorporated. The majority of players from both the Indian and English teams are expected to arrive in Ranchi on February 20, with some Indian players arriving a day later. Practice sessions for both teams are slated for February 21 and 22.

Ticket sales for the upcoming match will commence on Tuesday, February 20th, with prices starting from Rs 250. However, there appears to be a lack of enthusiasm among the audience for ticket purchases. Despite online ticket sales having begun two days prior, there has been a notable lack of interest from the public.