Free petrol will be given to those taking Covid vaccine in Jharkhand.

Vaccination camp was held in Chakradharpur city of West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand. Here those taking the Covid-19 vaccine jab were given a litre of petrol for free. The camp was organized by city unit of the Marwari Yuva Manch(MYM) and Indian Oil Corporation (IOC). State Women and Child Development and Social Security minister, Joba Majhi, inaugurated the camp in presence of the West Singhbhum administration officials.

On Tuesday, MYM-Chakradharpur official, Nitesh Kumar Bagaria said, “We held this special vaccination drive in collaboration with IOC. A total of 240 persons were given coupons for 1 litre of free petrol after they got themselves vaccinated. The idea was to motivate people for inoculation.”
“Every citizen must protect themselves against Covid-19 by getting vaccinated urgently. They should not pay any heed to rumours over vaccination,” minister Joba Majhi said.
Earlier, West Singhbhum had seen 134 covid fatalities while 5,086 deaths have been reported from the state. West Singhbhum has to face a tough task of convincing tribals to get the vaccine shot. Health workers have reportedly been attacked in a few villages when they went

there to vaccinate people.
The Deputy Commissioner, Ananya Mittal said,” Vaccination percentage is very low at just 9% in Bandgaon block. The vaccination rate in West Singhbhum is 30% whereas 60% people in neighbouring East Singhbhum district have been vaccinated already. I urge people not to pay any heed to rumours about vaccination.” she stated at a meeting with village heads at government school in Bandgaon block of the district.
Meanwhile, the Chaibasa unit of the Lions Club and Chaibasa Gurudwara jointly started a vaccination camp from Monday where lucky draw coupons are being given to the people after they get vaccinated. “This camp will run till June 20 where people are being vaccinated with the

cooperation of district administration. People will be given attractive gifts on the basis of the lucky coupon lottery,” former president of Lions Club-Chaibasa, Kunal Saraf said. “The focus is on people in the nearby slums,” he added.
While overall vaccine supplies may be there at the State level, individual vaccination centres may run out of stock on account of how the states manage their replenishments.