Amidst lockdown fear, migrant labourers returning to Jharkhand..

Amid the nationwide surge in Covid-19 cases, migrant labourers of Jharkhand are returning back to their homes fearing another lockdown.

In the view of helping migrant labourers, Jharkhand government has set up a control room in state’s capital, Ranchi to fulfill their requirements. As per the control room officials, they have been receiving large number of phone calls from fear stricken migrant workers. Most of them are working in states where partial lockdown has been imposed.

“We are getting many calls from migrant labourers. They are fear stricken and not able to make decisions. Some migrants have reported they have returned. Most calls are being received from Maharashtra, Chhatisgarh and Delhi,” said control room head, Shikha Pankaj.

“They are anxious and are afraid of losing their means of livelihood because of the pandemic. Migrants wants to know if complete lockdown is going to be imposed, how the state government is planning to provide them facilities,” Pankaj added.

Talking about the authority’s constant endeavor to curb the state of panic among migrants, Pankaj said, “We are continuously counselling them that there is no need to panic. We are convincing them that state government is making strategy and they will be brought back if stuck somewhere”

Sandeep, who is monitoring the distress calls said, “We are asking them to stay wherever they are if their respective companies are providing facilities, because lockdown like before is not going to be enforced. Therefore, they should stick to guidelines issued by local authorities. However if they feel the necessity to come back, they must avail the facilities provided by local government. And labourers are returning too.”

The Jharkhand government has sox landlines and five whatsApp numbers to assist the migrant labourers.

The numbers are : 0651-2481055, 0651-2480058, 0651-2480083, 0651-2482052, 0651-2481037, 0651-2481188.

Following are the whatsApp numbers : 9470132591, 9431336427, 9431336398, 9431336472, 9431336432.

On Tuesday, state has recorded 2844 fresh Covid-19 cases and 29 deaths. Currently, there are 17155 active cases.