Yoga Teacher Rafia Naaz Continues To Receive Threats, Babulal Marandi Demands Jharkhand State Government Provide Security To Her.

The incessant threats to yoga teacher Rafia Naaz have not stopped. BJP Legislature Party leader Babulal Marandi termed it as a serious matter and has asked the state government to immediately provide security to Rafia so that she can live with dignity. Babulal Marandi has also written a letter to Chief Minister Hemant Soren in this context. A copy has also been sent to the Prime Minister, home minister as well as Chief Secretary and Incharge DGP.

At an online press conference on Monday, Babulal Marandi questioned the role of police in this context, raising the issue of security of Rafia Naaz. He said that the nationally acclaimed yoga teacher, Rafia Naaz has been associated with yoga since childhood and has won more than 52 gold medals. But, unfortunately, threats are being given to leave yoga. There have been attacks on her and no action was taken even after a complaint was filed.

Babulal Marandi said that even after complaints to the DGP in charge, no action was taken. The police, whose job is to provide security to the people, is not doing its job. He said that Rafia is being threatened every day. Some people are harassing her but no action has been taken on the culprits. He asked the state government to provide security immediately so that she can continue to teach yoga to children. Babulal Marandi said that the previous state government had provided security but Hemant Soren government withdrew the security cover. Today, their whole family is scared due to persistent threats. On filing complaints, the police say turn off your mobile.

Yoga teacher Rafia Naaz said that practicing yoga is not a crime and she does not consider those threatening her are followers of their religion. At the online press conference, Rafia said that if something happened to her, it would be the responsibility of the police administration. Replying to media questions, she said that she was getting threats from every nook and corner of the country where they threaten to destroy her career. These are people who do not understand yoga.

Adding that yoga is a product of Indian culture Rafia said that police advise her to switch off her mobile and not use social media but they do not act against the culprits She asked police if the problems would be eliminated by not using mobile, changing the SIM and getting away from social media. She said that she had also complained to the Chief Minister and the DGP, but there was no hearing. Rafia said that security had been provided to them by the previous government but Hemant Soren government withdrew security in March 2020 but the threats continue to haunt her.