Thenumber of black fungus deaths rose to 25. 37 patients recovered so far.

Mucormycosis claimed 5 lives in Jharkhand in the last 24 hours.Meanwhile 4 more cases of the fungal infection have been reported, out of which, 1 case is a confirmed oneand the rest3 are suspected cases.However, it is a matter of relief that a total of 12 patients have already recovered. So far, the total number of confirmed cases of black fungusin Jharkhand stood at 79,while 51 are suspected cases.

Currently, the state has a mortality rate of 40% from black fungus whereas the recovery rate is 60%. Although generally themortality rate due to black fungus infection is 50-60%.

According to SiddharthTripathi, Nodal Officer of National Health Campaign in Jharkhand, the guidelines for doctors and hospital staff treating covidpatients has been issued. Under this, a check-list has also been prepared for examination of black fungus cases, so that treatment will be started after identifying the infected patients. 35 points have also been added through which infected patients are to be monitored.Necessary suggestions have been made for using steroids fortreating Covid-19 patients.

Simultaneously, patients arealso tobeasked whether they have used steroids while being in home isolation or while being treated elsewhere. Proper measures are to be taken forinfectioncontrol and hygiene in the hospitals.