Tata Steel Gives Officers Option To Work From Home Throughout The Year.

In order to provide better facilities to the officers and employees and to update themselves according to the situation and situation, Tata Steel has introduced Agile Working Model for the executives. The Agile working model was implemented for a year from Monday under the pilot project and according to it, Tata Steel officials will be able to do their work by staying in any city of the country for a year. This policy is an important step towards being more agile, future ready for Tata Steel and a more concrete employee value proposition.

After the introduction of Work from Home in the corona period, the company management realized that there are many office-works where officers do not even need to come to office. The company also benefits with less official expenses. The company said that once the epidemic situation returns to normal, the policy would enable company officials to move to a location of their choice, allowing the employee to work from any location in the country. The company said that this policy will be tested for an year and will then be reviewed on the basis of adaptability and feedback.

HR in Tata Steel say that flexible work not only portrays an organization’s intention to create a workplace suited for generations to come, but intends to cater to the needs of its diverse workforce across geographies, while adding that the epidemic has helped move away from traditional thinking of productivity. It has broken many myths and this policy will ensure better work-life balance.

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