Post Covid Care And Counselling Centers To Be Set Up In Six Hospitals In Jharkhand.

Six post-covid care and counselling centers (PCCCCs) will be opened in Jharkhand to address the subsequent problems of those who have overcome corona infection. Principal Secretary of Health Department, Dr. Nitin Kulkarni issued an order and said that arrangements for management, follow-up and consultation of patients recovering from corona in all PCCCCs will be ensured.

Guidelines has also been released and according to them, the patient will have to come to PCCCC for the first follow-up examination two weeks after he is discharged. In the initial phase, Post Covid Care and Counsel Centers (PCCCC) will be made in six hospitals of the state. These hospitals include RIMS (Ranchi), TMH (Jamshedpur), BGH (Bokaro), SNMMCH (Dhanbad), Central Hospital (Dhanbad) and SBMCH (Hazaribagh). The Secretary has directed to set up PCCCC in these hospitals soon. During the time of discharge after recovering from corona infection, the patient will be informed about the problems that might occur and will be advised to visit PCCCC.

Patients will have to mandatorily visit the post covid care and counselling center within two weeks of discharge. Patients with symptoms or those who were put on oxygen support will have to come once a month at the centre and get a check up done. The center will be open daily from 10 am to 11:30 am and 3 pm to 4:30 pm. Breathing exercises, yoga, physiotherapy, immunity boosters, eating habits, behavioral changes will be encouraged to increase the capacity of lungs. Experts will give information about neurological, cardiac and other problems in patients who have been cured under the followup. If the patient has problems related to other diseases, he will also be examined properly.

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