Man From Jamtara Arrested For Allegedly Taking Out Money From Paytm App Of Unsuspecting Victim.

A person from Jamtara, Jharkhand was nabbed by Gujarat Police on Tuesday for taking out money from an unsuspecting victim’s Paytm account. Mahendra Das, native of Jamtara, was nabbed from Silvassa town in the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

Manoj Patel had lodged a complaint with the police alleging that a person named Rajul had called him in June and told him that his Paytm account will stop working if he did not update his Know Your Customer or KYC details. Manoj was then asked to download a remote desktop application on his phone and that probably enabled the cyber criminal to access the OTP and he managed to do away with Rs 2.09 lakh from the account. The money was taken out in multiple transactions and transferred to different bank accounts. Rs 35,000 was transferred into Mahendra’ bank account in Silvassa, and withdrawn from an ATM in Jamtara.

Paytm Payments Bank spokesperson said that there are multiple registered and unregistered telemarketers and subscribers who send unsolicited commercial communication to millions of users and they have been known to abuse telecom bulk SMS capacity to send SMSs stating if a customer does not call back on the number mentioned in SMS then his Paytm account will get closed. Some innocent customers get trapped into sharing banking details such as card details, OTP or installing a screen-sharing app. They have filled a petition in Delhi High Court asking for immediate stopping of circulation of phishing SMSs and calls by telecom operators. The police also added that their cyber cell is actively working to curb the practices adopted by the criminals.

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