Latest CMIE Data Shows Increase In Unemployment In Jharkhand In October.

The rate of unemployment in Jharkhand has come to a standstill during the Corona period and trends of unemployment are starting to show again. Latest data from the Center for Monitoring of Indian Economy shows that unemployment rate in Jharkhand increased from 8.2 percent in September to 11.8 percent at the end of October, increasing by 3.6 percent in a month. It is evident that pace in industry, business and self-employment have not picked up even with the unlock process.

One can only hope that once schools, colleges, and major centers of movement of people open will the economy show signs of resurgence and opportunities for employment come up. Also without inter state movement with train and bus services, the supply and demand chains are not able to gain momentum. The process of providing new jobs in the industries that have suffered retrenchment has not started. Dussehra came and went but did not generate employment opportunities.

There has been expenditure on organizing in the cities, due to which little business has increased, and the benefit has been seen in increase in employment. The figure of unemployment in cities of Jharkhand had come down from 13.8 percent in September to 13.4 percent in October. In contrast, unemployment has increased in the villages from 6.4 percent in September to 11.3 percent in October. One of the major reasons for increase in unemployment in villages is laborers not getting any work from outside. Due to unavailability of trains or inter-state bus services, laborers are also unable to get low cost public transport. Paddy harvesting is going to start soon, hence the workers are trying to finish work on their farms and go outside to earn. They expect to find work in other fields and are facing unemployment waiting for harvest. Since the infrastructure projects are unable to start functioning properly, means of employment are also scarce.

Employment has also not increased this time due to the commercially cold winter season. The second harvest in October did not start. Due to this, unemployment is visible in the statistics from CMIE. Director Head, Institute of Fiscal Studies said that government projects are gaining momentum and this will increase employment related activities.

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