Indian Railways cancelled twenty trains because they were not getting enough passengers.

Indian Railways IRCTC cancels twenty trains including Black Diamond, Ranchi, Gaya and Deoghar Intercity. Black Diamond Express will stop from Dhanbad from May 23 and 24th May from Howrah. Dhanbad-Ranchi Intercity will not run from May 24. Dhanbad Railway Division issued a notice of closure of both these trains as they were not getting enough passengers.

The journey between Dhanbad and Kolkata will be difficult. After getting permission from the Railway Board, the Dhanbad Railway Board issued a notice of closure of both these trains. Earlier, Dhanbad to Howrah coalfield express and Ranchi Howrah Shatabdi Express have been canceled. It has now been decided to cancel two more important trains going to Kolkata and Ranchi.

Eastern Railway Division has cancelled a dozen trains which includes Ranchi – Dhanbad intercity, Dhanbad – Gaya intercity, and Dhanbad – Howrah Black Diamond express.

Why was this step taken?
As the railway reported that the number of passengers were very few and hence they were suffering financial loss so they decided to close the train travels. Travelling by train is canceled till the next order. Permission will be granted to run these trains, after the situation gets normal.

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