Fireworks Only For Two Hours In Diwali In Jharkhand; Only Green Crackers Allowed.

Only two hours of fireworks will be allowed on the night of Deepawali in Jharkhand. According to the order by National Green Tribunal (NGT), only ‘green firecrackers’ can be used for two hours. Jharkhand’s Air Quality Index (AQI) falls in the Moderate category. However, the NGT has allowed the state governments to set a time limit of 2 hours. The window of 2 hours has not yet been decided by the Jharkhand government. Last year, this timing for firecrackers was given from 8 to 10 pm.

NGT has banned firecrackers in all the towns and cities of the country where the air quality level in November last year was in the category of Poor or above. In towns or cities where Air Quality Index was between 51-100 in November 2019, pollution-free crackers can be used. There will only be a window of only 2 hours for firecrackers. On the occasion of Chhath as well, only two hours of bursting of fireworks will be allowed.

Green crackers produce 40 to 50 percent less harmful gas than normal firecrackers. These harmful gases are released in lesser quantity ie 50% less than normal. It will still cause pollution but to a lesser degree. Jharkhand Pollution Control Council informed that entire state falls in the Moderate category and timings for bursting crackers will be determined soon.

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