Even after being an amputee with no arms, he took the covid vaccine on his left leg.

Gulshan Lohra from Manoharpur block in West Singhbhum district has set an inspirational example for the society. He has shone as an ideal example of a responsible citizen. Despite being a double amputee he did not fail to take his vaccine jab. Instead of arms he took the vaccine on his left thigh and encouraged people to get their vaccine too as it was the only way people could survive the deadly virus. Lohra said that he decided to take the

vaccine at any cost because it was the only option to keep the virus away. He finally got vaccinated on Tuesday. He said he had no problem after taking the jab and he was absolutely fine and encouraged more people to come forward and do their part. According to health care workers, Lohra has tried to make people aware and has set a huge example in his neighbourhood and in allaying people’s fears. In rural areas, people are reluctant to take their jab because of the fear of death. They believe that if they take the jab then they’ll get impotent or get high fever which will lead them to their death. Normally a person is given the jab in the left arm, but as Lohra is a double amputee the doctors decided to give the vaccine on his left thigh. The vaccine is the only shield which can protect us from the virus, so taking the vaccine is everyone’s responsibility.

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