Dr. Priya from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand outshines in Australia.

Dr. Priya Rani, The daughter of Jharkhand again made the city proud. Dr. Priya who is an alumna of Sacred Heart Covent school, has been selected as a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) ambassador in Australia, she’ll help the Australian government in making policies related to science. It was announced by the Australian government that a total of 17 professionals residing in Australia have been selected for the program in which Dr. Priya Rani from Jamshedpur is also included in the team.

The ambassadorship’s duration is for one year, during this period the ambassadors along with the Australian government will set policies to increase the interest of Australian students, towards science and technology. Every year this competition is announced by the Science and Technology, Australia. Where the residents of Australia are free participate in the professional STEM competition. The winners get a chance to work with Australian Federal MPs. The STEM members are also included in taking important decisions for the government related to science.

Where the entire world is devastated by the pandemic, we saw that the covid-19 patient’s lungs are the most affected part, so Dr. Priya is doing a research on a software which will give immediate information about the condition of the lungs infection. Dr. Priya’s family lives in Baliguma, and she’s currently living in Australia for her higher education and job purpose but her heart still resides in Jamshedpur.