Day care centre at Ranchi is a boon for thalassemic children..

Shabnam had come to day care centre at Sadar hospital, Ranchi for the treatment of her 11 years old child irfan ansari, who is suffering from thalassemia. She has already lost her younger son who was also suffering from the same disease. “My husband works at a bicycle shop and we cannot afford the cost of ourd son’s treatment,” she said. “Someone told us about this day care centre and now my son is getting treatment, that too free of cost” she added. Shabnam’s story is one of the examples of how Jharkhand Government is providing world class health benefits and facilities to the people.

Some of the other blood transfusion diseases such as sickle cell anemia and hemophilia are ubiquitous among the children coming to the day care centre for established at Sadar hospital. People from other states also visit the day care because of the facilities provided. The day care centre has a capacity of 100 beds

The paramount intent of the day care is to provide relevant treatment to the kids suffering from blood transfusion diseases by providing them child friendly atmosphere. The day care at Sadar hospital is equipped with child friendly rooms with comfortable beds and interesting wallpapers, beautiful paintings and a television with kid’s channels subscription making it a joyful place for the kids.

The nurses designated at the unit are equipped with training in child care. Children suffering from painful blood transfusion disease feel welcomed at the hospital because of the kids friendly rooms and friendly doctors and nurses. Also it has a vigorous chain system which ensures that the hospital will never run out of necessary medication.

According to the civil surgeon, hospital is equipped with facilities for treating blood related disease such as thalassemia and hemophilia and is providing blood transfusion for free. Some of the new facilities has been included such as infusion pumps, intravenous iron chelation agent drugs and Leukocyte filters which will help the patients.

This day care centre is a boon for people living below poverty line and are unable to afford the treatment. Also, the patients are provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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