Corona Breaks Into Dhanbad MP PN Singh’s Household; Driver Dies, Brother-In-Law Tests Positive.

Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in Dhanbad. The people in MP PN Singh’s household are reeling with coronavirus infection spreading like wildfire. The MP’s son’s driver died from corona infection. The MP’s own driver and bodyguard are infected with coronavirus and are fighting for their lives in covid hospital. Now his brother in law has also tested positive for coronavirus. He has been admitted to the covid hospital.

After being infected with the coronavirus, the driver of Prashant Singh, PN Singh’s son, was admitted to the covid hospital on Friday night. He died in the hospital late in the night. He was found dead on the bed in the morning. The driver of the MP’s son was in poor health and was sweating a lot when he was brought to the hospital. He was shifted to the ward at about 11 pm in the night. He did not talk to anyone at night and was found dead on his bed in the morning.

There has been a sense of commotion in MP’s house since corona infected patients were found in the house. It has turned into a panic situation after the driver’s death. A team from the health department is currently camping at the MP’s house and examining his family members. DC Umashankar Singh has instructed the health department officials in this regard. More reports are expected by late evening.

After the death of the driver, the administration has taken possession of the dead body and is making preparations for the disposal. The family members of their deceased have also been called. If this was not already a dire situation, it has been compounded by the report of a person from Dhansar, who is the MP’s brother in, has tested positive for coronavirus infection. The person lives close to the MP’s house. He has been admitted to the covid hospital. MP Singh was already in distress with the death of the driver. Another driver and bodyguard are still admitted in the covid hospital. On Saturday, his relative has also tested positive now.

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