477 Jharkhand Police Personnel Test Positive For Corona; 438 Active Cases Still.

The effects of global epidemic corona can now be seen in all spheres of lives. The police, which used to be a shield between the common man and the coronavirus as corona warriors, is now itself affected in large numbers by the coronavirus infection. According to the Jharkhand police headquarters data, 477 police officers-personnel have been infected with coronavirus so far.

Among the infected police personnel are one officer of ASP level, one DSP, five inspectors, 41 sub-inspector, 51 ASI, four Munshi ASI, one under secretary, one head clerk, 36 havaldar, 265 constable-driver, 17 staff from fourth grade and 15 home guards.

All of which combines to a grand total of 438 police personnel have been infected. Apart from this, 39 police personnel who were infected have now recovered from the infection and returned home healthy. This takes the total affected police staff to 477, which is quite an alarming number

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