14 Day Mandatory Quarantine On Entering Jharkhand, New Guidelines Issued By State Government.

The Jharkhand government has issued new guidelines in view of the increasing cases of coronavirus infection. Guidelines released on Friday, July 17, state that people entering Jharkhand from any state will have to spend 14 days in mandatory quarantine. The guidelines states that all the conditions which have been issued by the Ministry of Health will have to be complied with when entering Jharkhand from other states by air, rail or road or when going out from the state.

Government of Jharkhand stated that if one comes into the state or goes out of the state, they will have to register for the same on the website of Jharkhand government www.jharkhandtravel.nic.in. One must complete this process within 24 hours of arrival in Jharkhand. All such people will inevitably have to stay in Home Quarantine for 14 days.

In the guidelines issued by the Home, Kara and Disaster Management Department, it has been said that the Deputy Commissioners of the districts will ensure compliance of the guidelines issued by the government from time to time regarding Home Quarantine. If the District Administration feels that the person’s house is not fit for Home Quarantine or the concerned person is not following the guidelines, then the District Administration will have the right to send that person to Institutional / Paid Quarantine.

These instructions of the government will not apply to the drivers, helpers of commercial vehicles engaged in transport or freight and on employees associated with airlines. The rules will also not be applicable to the employees of the Indian government and institutions working under the Government of India and those who are passing through Jharkhand while going from one state to another.

District Deputy Commissioners have also been given the right to exempt persons from 14 days of Quarantine. For this, the concerned person will have to apply before the District Magistrate. It has also been made clear in the guidelines for the criteria under which people can get this exemption. It has been said that such people, who are not residents of Jharkhand, do not have any symptoms of corona i.e. are asymptomatic, are only traveling to Jharkhand for business or office work or returning to their homes within the stipulated time. If DM wants, he can give them exemption from quarantine.

In some cases, exemption can also be given by the state government. With this, it has been said that the officials associated with the railways and airlines will have to give the information of the passengers in the prescribed format to the Secretary of the Transport and Civil Aviation Department. The government has made it clear that violating the instructions related to quarantine can lead to legal action being taken under the provisions of the Disaster Management Act, 2005.