Team 4GR pledged to make the earth a better place.

Today, on June 20, 4GR organized the “Save Environment Campaign” which was held in Dhurva Dam premises. 4GR is a social, non-funded organization lead by Abhishek Sinha, who works for making the earth a better place. Team 4GR not only cleaned the Dhurva Dam premises but also planted around 50 to 100 Sheesham trees, also known as Indian Rosewood. Team 4GR started cleaning and planting at around

6:00 am early morning and finished it around 10:30 am. The team pledged to make every possible effort to keep their environment clean. They appointed people to take care of the plants and also committed to personally inspect the plants regularly on weekends.
Anshika Tripathi a member of 4GR said, “We love to serve people who are in need. 4GR team is putting their best foot forward to help people in this tough time and especially during the weekend lockdown when the needy are left hungry.”

Team founder Abhishek Sinha told that he along with his team is constantly making these kinds of efforts, not only for the environment but also to serve the needy by

distributing food. He believes that no person shall remain hungry. He always has a stake in the welfare of humanity and owes every effort to his teammates.

Team founder Abhishek Sinha and members Ankit Gupta, Aditya Sinha, Piya Burman, Avinash Singh, Aniket Raj, Pancham Singh, Abhijit Singh, Muskan Ojha, Anshika Tripathi, Shailendra Kumar, Chiku, Ravi Malik, Tanu Singh Rajput helped to make this program a success.
Whereas Mayank, Ajit, Rajneesh, Vishnu, Ashish, Suraj, Rakesh, etc were present.