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Policemen Posted In Same District For Ten Years To Be Transferred.

Policemen in Jharkhand who have been posted for ten years or more in same district will be transferred. State police headquarters has asked for a list of policemen who have completed ten years or more on 15 October 2020 from all districts. DIG A Vijayalakshmi has sought a list of all such policemen from the SPs of all the districts. Names of policemen who have completed term of ten years, reservation category, current posting, appointment date, joining date in the district, all prior postings, details of any transfer from administrative point of view have been sought.

Policemen have not been transferred for a long time. They were earlier transferred in 2015, but no large-scale transfer took place at the headquarters level. Recently, representatives of Police Association met DGP in-charge MV Rao. During the meeting, there was a demand for transfer of long-serving policemen from districts. It was said that morale of policeman is also being affected if they are deployed for long in Naxalite affected districts. According to state police headquarters officials, more than ten thousand policemen could be posted in the same district for ten years or longer.

Policemen posted in Naxalite-affected districts will be deployed in urban districts. The districts have been divided into A, B, C and D category. Police personnel posted in other wings, including CID, Special Branch, Railway Police Force will also be replaced. A separate board will also be formed for the transfer of soldiers at the state police headquarters. Along with the transfer of police, there is a demand for transfer of Jamadars as well. Jamadar-level junior officers have been serving in same district for 7 years. Officers who were promoted to Inspector in the Jharkhand Police will also be posted in different wings.

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