“Khalistani separatist Pannun’s release video: Stop India-England Test Match”

Ranchi : The India-England cricket match planned in Ranchi is at risk because of a threat from the Sikh for Justice group. Their leader, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, asked Maoists to stop the match through a video on YouTube. The police are taking it seriously, registering a case and investigating the threat.

The upcoming cricket match between India and England, scheduled to take place in Ranchi on February 23, has prompted police action following a security threat. Authorities have alerted law enforcement after receiving the warning. A case has been lodged at the Dhurwa police station in Ranchi under the IT Act, prompting an investigation by the police.

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, a resident of Punjab currently residing in the United States, has stirred controversy with a video released on YouTube, urging Maoists to disrupt the scheduled cricket match in Jharkhand. The FIR lodged by the police highlights Pannun’s plea for creating chaos in both Jharkhand and Punjab to prevent the match from taking place.

Allegedly, he advocated for barring Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma and England team captain Ben Stokes from participating in the match. Pannun also called for the withdrawal of the England team from India in the video, as per police reports.