Jharkhand’s First Dedicated Corona Testing Lab Launched At Ranchi Harmu Road.

The state’s first dedicated Covid testing lab, ‘Dr. S. Sharan Testing Centre’ has commenced at Harmu Road (Fire Heights, Kishore Ganj) in the capital Ranchi. After being recognised by ICMR, the health department has also granted permission to the lab on Tuesday. Now, corona suspect patients will be checked here at the rate fixed by the Government – Rs. 2400 per person.

The lab’s director, Dr Shipra Sharan and Dr Nitin Sharan informed that tests for only corona patients will be done here. This initiative has been launched to eliminate the inconvenience of the people and the fear in their minds so that patients who have other serious diseases as well do not suffer any kind of harassment and can get themselves tested for corona infection.

Dr S Sharan said that the reports for the tests conducted will be given to the patient in a single day. Initially, the target is to have 50 tests in one and a half hours and 300 investigations in a day. If the number of patients and cases increase thereafter, the testing will be doubled immediately. The target is to be able to conduct about 600 tests in a day has been set in a day.

Dr Sharan added that there will be a facility for self-testing from RTPCR. For this, separate arrangements have been made from swab collection to PPE kit changes. These have been arranged in such a way that there is no risk of infection in any way. Additionally, special training has been given to doctors and lab technicians so that they can check without worrying. Director Gunjan Poddar said that all kinds of facilities will be provided to the patients coming for the test.

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