Grahan, the web series which tells the story of anti-sikh riot of 1984 from Bokaro Steel City.

The trailer of the web series ‘Grahan’, was released on June 10. The web series will be streaming on Disney + Hotstar VIP from June 24. This web series is based on the novel ‘Chaurasi’ by Satya Vyas who is the author of renowned books like ‘Banaras Talkies’ and ‘Delhi Darbar’. Grahan shows an innocent love story, a twisting mystery and a web of many emotions, but the truth is hidden in its depth.

‘Grahan’, based on the popular novel ‘Chaurasi’ by famous writer Satya Vyas, is written against the background of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. The story of this web series revolves around a young female IPS officer. As it is already known that it is the story of 1984 riots, so the case files are brought up and investigation of the riot starts again after many years. Amrita Singh is made the in-charge of this investigation where she discovers a picture of the rioter, which was clicked by the police amidst the riot. Amrita is stunned after realising that it was none other than (Gursevak’s) her father’s picture. She then goes into flashback realising how heroic her father’s looks were in her childhood but then suddenly he changed his entire identity. Amrita wants to go to her father and know the truth, but Gursevak refuses to tell anything.

The people are very excited about watching the series because this story is based on a true event and based on one of the acclaimed novels, ‘Chaurasi’ authored by the famous writer ‘Satya Vyas’. Further, the fact that people have witnessed it closely in 1984 excites them the most. After all, what is that truth which Gursevak is hiding from his daughter and still does not want to reveal. The answers to these questions will be available only after the release of the web series on June 24.