Acting Chief Justice admitted, police diverted the route due to growing crowd..

Ranchi – S. Chandrashekhar, serving as the Acting Chief Justice of the Jharkhand High Court, was hospitalized at Orchid Hospital in Lalpur due to health issues. Upon learning of his admission, numerous officials, not just from the Judiciary, arrived at the hospital to inquire about his health. This influx of visitors caused a sudden rise in vehicle traffic outside the hospital, resulting in a complete blockade on the Lalpur-Plaza road.

To address the traffic congestion issue, the police had to divert traffic routes. Vehicle drivers were directed to use the St. Anne School lane for commuting. However, even after this the traffic jam continued for a long time.The Lalpur Police Station Officer explained that the route diversion would continue for the next few days. In case of road jam, the car rider will have to operate through the diverted route only.