16 Pair Of New Trains To Run From Ranchi Before Start Of Festivals.

A roadmap to run trains in the South East Zone has been prepared. 5 trains are planned in the first phase, 14 in second phase, 16 in third and 11 trains are planned in the fourth phase. The first phase is already operational and trains in the second phase are soon to start. In total 46 trains from South East Zone are planned to run in four phases. Of these, 16 trains will run from Ranchi and Hatia. It is believed that these trains will be run before start of festivals. Trains in second phase will run in October. The railway board will decide for how long these trains will run. After the Railway Board confirms the dates for various stages, the trains will start operating.

Currently only Ranchi-Rajdhani Express is being run from Ranchi. A copy of the blueprint prepared by South Eastern Railway to run the phase wise trains has been sent to the zones, divisions and stations which these trains will go through. The railway board has already provided its approval, the dates are yet to be announced though. The Railway Board has asked all the zones to prepare and as soon as the it is completed, the second, third and fourth trains will be run before the festivals. Earlier 54 trains used to run from Ranchi railway station. Of these, 16 trains will run in four phases. The railway board will decide on the remaining 38 trains later.

5 trains from the first phase have started running, which include Howrah-Yesvantpur, Howrah-Mumbai Express, Howrah-Ahmedabad Express, Shalimar-Patna Express and Rourkela-Bhubaneswar Express. Railway Board is soon going to announce the dates for 14 trains of the second phase in South East Zone. In this phase, Ranchi-Ajmer Express running on Thursday, Hatia-Yesvantpur Bangalore Cantonment Express on Saturday, Hatia-Yesvantpur Express running on Tuesday and Saturday, Ranchi-Lokmanya Tilak Express running on Wednesday, Hatia-Pune Express running on Monday and Friday and Hatia-Lokmanya Tilak Express will run on Friday and Saturday. Officials of the South East Zone say that these trains will start running after the date is announced by the Railway Board.

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